Palo Santo Holy Wood Sticks

Palo Santo Holy Wood Sticks
$13 – $19
•Genuine Palo Santo (Holy Wood) •For centuries, Palo Santo has been used by indigenous tribes in South America as a natural remedy for all sorts of pain. The incredible healing effects of Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, make it a tremendous tool for shamans who perform “healing” ceremonies and rituals for individuals experiencing severe stress, anxiety, depression, or negative energy in their lives. •How does this magic wood gain its surreal powers? The branches of Palo Santo must die of natural causes and remain on the forest floor for 4-10 years before harnessing its metaphysical capabilities. Once the Palo Santo branches have been dried out for years, you can burn the branches to cleanse all the toxic energy in your life. •Key Features • 100% natural dried Palo Santo (Holy Wood) • Can be used to cleanse the air in any room in the house • Has a decadent rosy and woodsy aroma that smells great •Turns negative energy into positive energy by creating a serene atmosphere
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