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Gaia Portable Vaporizer

$ 159.99
Welcome to the cleanest and most flavorful portable dry herb vaporizer. This device boasts an all-quartz chamber, convection heating, variable temperatures, and two High Times awards for “Best Portable Vaporizer.” More Info »

Hypnos Zero

$ 79.99
A health-conscious dab pen, sleek and discreet, this concentrate vape pen boasts health-conscious, pure flavor thanks to its innovative design. This device proudly won two titles of “Best Wax Vaporizer” from High Times. Shop premium dab pens for sale at Linx Vapor More Info »

Hermes Refillable Vape Pen

The Hermes 3 boasts a revolutionary ceramic bowl atomizer that allows for use of any distillate at any viscosity. This health-conscious, environmentally friendly refillable vape pen produces large clouds while virtually eliminating all waste. More Info »

Apollo Dab Rig

The Linx Apollo is our most advanced and versatile device for the concentrates gourmets. Get ready to blast off with the purest vapor on-the-go or on any glassware. More Info »

Ares Honey Straw Vape Pen

The Linx Ares honey straw dab pen embodies portability and innovation thanks to its ceramic rod atomizer, eliminating any loading and effort. More Info »

Ember Dab Pen

One of the smallest and sleekest vape pens for sale on the market, the Ember delivers a quality vaporizing experience without breaking the bank. More Info »

Eden Dry Herb Vaporizer

Sleek and simple, the Linx Eden is a powerful and true convection vaporizer for the health-conscious. Features quartz chamber and air insulation. Experience the cleanest vapor for under $100! More Info »